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7: Superhero Showdown, Part 2

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A champion is crowned.

Tournament bracket on Google Sheets (spoiler free; only shows Round 1 results and Round 2 matchups)

Follow up

Ungeniused #14: The Philadelphia Experiment

A 10-minute podcast primer on the event in question. Includes several relevant links for further reading. Here’s the Wikipedia link, as well. Other seminal conspiracy theory-related events mentioned in passing are the Roswell incident, the Montauk Project, and MKUltra (the one that Trevor blanked on).

Favorite X-Files episodes

Dustin: The Unnatural (Season 6, Episode 19). Available on Hulu (episode link), iTunes (season link), Amazon (season link), and Netflix (series link).

Trevor: Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster (Season 10, Episode 13). Only seems to be on Amazon at the moment (season link).

Main topic

Battle 9
Kitty Pryde vs. Captain America (Steve Rogers)

Battle 10
Batman vs. Scarlet Witch

Battle 11
Squirrel Girl vs. Nightcrawler

Battle 12
Iron Man (Victor Von Doom) vs. Martian Manhunter

The final three battles are not listed here to avoid spoilers.

ALL THE SPOILERS: Full tournament bracket with all results (Google Sheets)

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