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6: Superhero Showdown, Part 1

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As the saying goes: “If you love something, send it into gladiatorial combat.” In Better Worlds’ first superhero tournament (our first anything tournament, for that matter), we have ten Marvel and six DC heroes facing off for the biggest birthday blast this side of Tunguska.

Sixteen heroes enter, only one… will… Belay that. This discussion got a little more heated than we expected, so this is going to be a two-parter. Fill out your bracket and follow along.

Tournament bracket on Google Sheets (spoiler free; no results shown)

Follow up

Main topic (20:18)

Battle 1 (36:04)
Kitty Pryde vs. Wonder Woman

Battle 2 (45:17)
Flash (Barry Allen) vs. Captain America (Steve Rogers)

Battle 3 (1:07:38)
Batman vs. Green Arrow

Battle 4 (1:14:18)
Black Panther vs. Scarlet Witch

Battle 5 (1:23:18)
Falcon vs. Squirrel Girl

Battle 6 (1:35:37)
Nightcrawler vs. Spider-Man

Battle 7 (1:43:38)
Thor Odinson vs. Iron Man (Victor Von Doom)

Battle 8 (1:56:22)
Martian Manhunter vs. The Atom

Wrap up (2:04:35)

Aftershow (2:07:25)