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40: A Xenomorph by Any Other Name

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This episode features an unplanned deep dive into the complete Alien franchise, and the latest news (at time of recording) about Star Wars: Episode IX and The Clone Wars. We also discuss board games, movie-watching decisions, dangerous holidays, and how you really should join our Slack.

Followup / Minitopics:

Alien franchise (27:33):

Transformers (49:23):

Board Games (58:37):

Star Wars news (1:13:46):

  • The Clone Wars is coming back
  • Tangent: Trevor’s visit to Lucasfilm
  • The Clone Wars is coming back
  • Star Wars: Episode IX cast announced
    • Tangent: Towel or cowl in The Last Jedi?
      • Tangent’: Matthew’s favorite easter egg in Age of Ultron
    • Tangent: Towel/cowl verdict
  • Star Wars car swag sightings
  • Imperial Xenomorphs
  • The Battle of Hoth
  • Close (1:46:17)