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35: It's Hard to Sell a Death Cult

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Part 2 of our discussion about Avengers: Infinity War.

Captain America talks with Thanos

Captain America's classic scale armor

Items discussed:

  • Welcome to Part 2
  • Red Skull’s reprise
  • The Pirate Angel
  • Alien, not Aliens
  • The Black Order
  • Infinity by Jonathan Hickman
  • Arrested Development cameo
  • Robert Downey, Jr.’s time as Iron Man
  • The ever-present end of superhero movies
  • Spider-Man’s fate
  • Death in DC
  • Superman is a fake hero
  • The original six
  • Avengers Assemble as a movie title
  • Wanda’s growth & power
  • Vision’s fate
  • Thor and Rocket
  • Purest moments of the movie
  • Chris 3
  • Thanos’ homeworld and species
  • Thanos’ motivation
  • Use of the Gauntlet
  • The dog dies
  • Division of screentime
  • #JusticeForHawkeye
  • Ant-Man and The Wasps
  • Hawkeye’s future
  • Captain Marvel
  • Surprise Black Panther followup
  • Rhodey in Doctor Strange
  • Part Twos, Infinity Boogaloos
  • Iron Man-centric movie names
  • The MCU’s heist movie
  • Captain America’s classic scale armor
  • Thor’s new armor
  • Peter Dinklage (Eitri wiki entry)
  • Sympathy for the Red Skull
  • The Gauntlet across movies
  • Chronology of the movies
  • Tony & Nebula
  • Gamora’s fate
  • Thor’s new eye
  • Valkyrie’s fate
  • Fan desire for specific character interactions
  • Close
  • Post-show: Wakandan Coffee