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26: It's Time for This Episode to End

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Main Topic: The Last Jedi

The conversation on Star Wars: The Last Jedi continues into deeper waters, sort of like that time R2-D2 fell off of Luke’s X-wing into a swamp. This episode explores the new age of space combat, the unchanging nature of the Force, and the theme of killing the past… especially when it’s The Force Awakens.

Also discussed (not necessarily in this order):

  • Trevor’s great theories about Darth Maul.
  • Jokes and how they land.
  • Who is the worst character of the sequel trilogy?
  • Who is the real villain of The Last Jedi?
  • Carrie Fisher’s chance to drown in moonlight.
  • How great Jar Jar Binks is.
  • Trailer avoidance.
  • Trevor’s (formerly) great theory about Kylo & Rey.
  • The entire plot of the Poe Dameron comic.

This is the second half of a conversation recorded on Sunday, December 17. Listen to Part 1.


None. This is the podcast equivalent of opening with a huge space battle.