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25: Anyone Can Cook

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Main Topic: The Last Jedi

The Star Wars saga continues with Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. (We will never surrender our Roman numerals, whatever the Lucasfilm marketing department might say.)

This episode of Better Worlds explores important questions like: What has JJ done? What is Rian doing? What isn’t Finn doing? What is Luke pretending to do? What is Rey capable of doing? Why is Poe doing that?

This is the first half of a conversation recorded on Sunday, December 17. Listen to Part 2.


  • The movie referenced in the opening of Astrophysics for People in a Hurry is Avatar (Neil deGrasse Tyson mentioned that “a famous actress”—Sigourney Weaver—“plays an astrobiologist”).
  • Disney owns everything except for Spider-Man villains and She-Hulk. Okay, not everything, but they do own Fox now.
  • Finn Fact
  • The Disney-Fox deal also includes villains such as Galactus and Doctor Doom and maybe, eventually, Doctor Iron Doom Man (we can hope).
  • The Amazon Lord of the Rings show will be specifically Lord of the Rings or something right before Lord of the Rings, and Sir Ian McKellen wants in.