8: The Ghost of Ratings Future

In the next step towards the Singularity, Netflix is growing thumbs. Meanwhile, the humans can’t agree on what stars mean, and some of them really don’t like Rotten Tomatoes.

Stick around for our most educational aftershow yet, brought to you by Dustin and Matthew’s strange new fixation on Finland.


00:00 – Finland?

Opening (00:56)

01:24 – French press questions, Aeropress answers, and cultural differences in brewed drinks.

15:04 – Dinosaur Escape, a cooperative board game for kids. A little bit like Pandemic

17:54 – The next emoji update will finally add dinosaurs. These first dinosaurs will be a sauropod and a T-Rex.

19:17 – Matthew’s spoiler-free initial reaction to Mass Effect Andromeda.

Trevor’s alternate soundtrack for Mass Effect (especially the galaxy map): the ambient instrumental Ghosts I-IV by Nine Inch Nails.

Main topic (28:44)

28:55 – Netflix is ditching five-star ratings in favor of a thumbs-up

34:59 – TED Radio Hour on choices, decisions, and spaghetti sauce.

1:01:46 – Pain scales

1:12:41 – Rotten Tomatoes / review aggregators

Aftershow (1:38:46)

1:38:58 – Stephen King has revealed the poster for the upcoming movie adaptation of The Dark Tower

1:39:40 – Finland 🇫🇮

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